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Tencon was founded in 2004, to develop economic and simple engineered solutions for the construction industry through the application of innovative materials and processes.

Tencon uses a proprietary ready mixed concrete branded Tencon Concrete. It is a unique, homogeneous concrete which allows the construction of structural concrete members to be cast in-situ without any steel reinforcement.

The Tencon Suspended Ground Floor System is a unique, patented system, offering developers the opportunity to construct in-situ suspended ground floor slabs more economically, more quickly and with lower risks than current methods. Steel mesh is not required in Tencon Floors.

The Tencon Fast Base Foundation System is a revolutionary engineered system, offering developers the opportunity to construct in-situ ground beams for use with piled foundations. This omits all steel work offering developers significant cost and time savings.

Our team of employees has a variety of talents offering installer training & engineering consultancy services. Please contact us to find out more!


No Steel Reinforcement!



Tencon Concrete is supplied nationally and exclusively by CEMEX UK.



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